Joseph Vincent

About Joseph

Joseph is a recent graduate of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Information Management and Technology. Over the years, he has developed a strong passion for digital media, which ultimately stemmed from his love of making YouTube videos with friends and gaming. Beyond technology, Joseph has an active devotion for history, even minoring in the subject during his time at Syracuse University so he could be a part-time treasure hunter.

Joseph has a deep appreciation for the arts, specifically in the realm of entertainment mediums such as film, games, & music. Since before he could walk, Joseph has had a pair of drum sticks by his side. while Joseph prefers the comforts of playing in small, acoustic band settings, Joseph is a classically trained percussionist and capable of playing in orchestral settings as well. In addition Joseph enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and any other instrument he can get his hands on.

Whether it’s helping design a website so someone else can convey their own passion or coming up with an information technology solution that improves the lives & connectivity of a group or community, Joseph is driven to use his skills and experience acquired at SU to change the world for the better.


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